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Barry & Batya Segal with the Singers of Jerusalem  

"Gili Meod," which means Rejoice Greatly, is a combined compilation of our early recordings "Sos Asis" and "Gili Meod."  We have taken the best of both albums and combined them on this new CD.  We pray this will be a blessing in your life.

Gili Meod by Barry & Batya Segal (CD)

SKU: 578
$15.00 Regular Price
$10.00Sale Price
  • 1. Bou Lefanav (Ruth Azuz)
    2. Gili Meod (Batya Segal)
    3. Hine Ke-eine Avadim (Israel Harel)
    4. Israeli Folk Medley (Traditional)
    5. Kumri Ori (Batya Segal)
    6. Lo Gavah Libi (Elisheva Shomron)
    7. Nisgav Adonai (Batya Segal)
    8. Hashmieni (Batya Segal)
    9. Kos Yeshuot (Elisheva Shomron)
    10. Od Yeshama (Traditional)
    11. Mah Navu (Batya Segal)
    12. LeMaan Tzion (Elisheva Shomron)
    13. Sos Asis (Batya Segal)
    14. Hine El Yeshuati (Batya Segal)
    15. Diminu (Elisheva Shomron)
    16. Hallelujah (Joy Newman)
    17. Hodu L'Adonai (Batya Segal)